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Join our Capital Funds Campaign

Vent Haven Museum is one of a kind. One man, with one mission, at one location, established the one museum in the world dedicated to his one passion. 

William Shakespeare Berger (1878-1972) dedicated his lifetime to collecting ventriloquism ephemera. When he died in 1972, he left behind

  • more than 500 dummies and puppets

  • thousands of photographs, playbills, scripts, videos, and audio recordings

  • a library of hundreds of books, and

  • a personal correspondence archive of more than 200,000 letters...all about ventriloquism!

What was once a private residence has become the epicenter of an art form!

Vent Haven Museum is on the grounds of Mr. Berger's home and has been known as "the mecca of ventriloquists" for decades as well as a must see tourist attraction. In the half century since Mr. Berger's death, the collection has grown so much that it has outgrown its home. 

The collection has doubled in size, yet the museum's square footage has remained the same. 

Vent Haven is currently actively seeking funds to construct a new, state of the art museum building that will expand the current display space and provide a superior experience for visitors, all while maintaining the quiet charm of the museum in its current residential neighborhood. 

We need your help.   First, please consider making a monetary donation to the museum. No amount is too small--it all helps! And if you're interested in sponsoring an entire gallery or display space in the new museum building, click here for more information in PDF format.  Thank you in advance for your support!

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