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Proceeds from your purchase of the items below go to support Vent Haven Museum. 


Vent Haven Museum: Its Past, Present, and Future

by Lisa Sweasy

Museum curator Lisa Sweasy presents a biography of Vent Haven founder W.S. Berger. The story is an inspiring tale of one man's dedication, passion, and ongoing legacy. The book also includes a section featuring ten popular museum exhibits and their backstories, plus a third section featuring fun and easy instructions so you can learn ventriloquism!

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I'm No Dummy Everyday.jpg

I'm No Dummy Everyday: 365 Days of Ventriloquial Oddities, Curiosities, and Fun Facts

by Bryan W. Simon with Marjorie Engesser

Weighing in at just over TWO POUNDS and a whopping 446 pages, this calendar book, I'm No Dummy Everyday, is perfect for your coffee table. Devour the engaging and entertaining tidbits all in one sitting OR check out a fun fact each day of the week.  

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Hey! I'm Talkin' Here: The Story Behind the Hit Comedy Documentary I'M NO DUMMY

by Bryan W. Simon with Marjorie Engesser

This book tells the fascinating story behind the making of the comedy documentary I'm No Dummy, the first feature film examining the art of ventriloquism. 

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