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NOTE: As the COVID-19 pandemic subsides across the United States, and as both Ohio and Kentucky are moving to loosen or eliminate restrictions related to the pandemic, Vent Haven Museum has made some revisions to our COVID-19 policy, which is printed below. Most notably:

1. The prior policy stated that small groups would not be combined. Beginning with tours scheduled on June 1 or later, the museum will once again combine small groups up to a maximum of 15 visitors (Any appointments made prior to June 1 will NOT have additional tourists added to them). 

2. The prior policy stated that hands on exhibits would not be used during the 2021 season. Vent Haven will now allow visitors to use the hands on exhibits if they desire to do so.


3. Fully vaccinated visitors will no longer be required to wear masks inside of the buildings (Unvaccinated visitors should continue to wears masks).  

Vent Haven Museum takes seriously the safety of both its visitors and its staff. During the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, visitors and staff will need to work together to maintain a safe environment. With  this in mind, Vent Haven Museum is making the following changes for the 2021 season.

What Museum Staff Are Required to Do

  • Small groups of tourists are often combined into a single, larger tour group. To minimize transmission possibilities, these combined groups will be limited to a maximum of 15 total visitors per tour.

  • Museum staff will correctly wear face coverings which cover both their nostrils and mouths at all times while in the museum buildings.

  • Museum staff will open and hold all doors for visitors, allowing visitors to enter and exit the museum buildings without touching any surfaces.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the final building for visitors.

  • A slotted money box will be available and provide a hands free payment option for visitors who pay their admission donation or gift shop purchases with exact change.


In exchange for these considerations, Vent Haven Museum requires the following of visitors:

  • Visitors who have recently tested positive for COVID-19 or who are experiencing a fever, a persistent cough, difficulty breathing, or any other symptoms of COVID-19—or visitors who have recently come into contact with someone else who has tested positive or is having symptoms—are asked to contact the curator to cancel or reschedule an upcoming appointment.

  • Unvaccinated visitors will correctly wear a face covering which covers both their nostrils and mouths at all times while in the museum buildings.

Visitors who cannot or will not agree to these conditions should wait until the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided to visit Vent Haven.

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