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Wish List

Some donors would like to know EXACTLY what happens to their donations. If you're such a donor, Vent Haven Museum curator Lisa Sweasy has put together a "wish list" of items that she needs for her work at the museum. Make a donation below and your money will be used exactly as described. 

Paper Kraft Bags

$14.50 for 50 bags

Help the museum by purchasing the paper bags that are given to visitors who purchase items from the Vent Haven Museum gift shop. 

Vent Haven's educational programs (as well as some Open House days) include opportunities for children to make their own sock puppets to take home with them. Help Lisa and her volunteers by buying the consumable supplies for 12 puppets.

Sock Puppet Supplies

$30 for supplies for 12 puppets

Adopt a Dummy Labels

$25 for 400 labels

The Adopt a Dummy program has raised thousands of dollars for the museum. Help Lisa out by purchasing the labels that are placed on each dummy identifying the adoptee. 

Donation Box

$50 each

The museum is in need of 5 new donation boxes (1 for each building and 1 for offsite displays). You could help out the museum by purchasing one or more of these. 

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