New Building Construction

Work has begun on our new facility, which is expected to be completed and opened to the public in the near future. You can follow along with the latest updates on the museum Facebook page

In addition, you can view archived feeds of selected days in the construction process below. 

Archived Feeds

Exterior Finishing

06/16/2022 Exterior Painting

05/28/2022 Siding installation, Day Three

05/24/2022 Siding Installation, Day Two

05/23/2022 Siding Installation, Day One

04/27/2022 Driveway/Parking Lot Excavation

04/05/2022, Window Installation

Interior Finishing

05/05/2022 Drywall Delivery

Framing and Roofing

02/21/2022, Roofing Installation

01/21/2022, Framing, Day Seven

01/20/2022, Framing, Day Six

01/19/2022, Framing, Day Five (roof beams)

01/18/2022, Framing, Day Four

01/15/2022, Framing, Day Three

01/14/2022 Framing, Day Two

01/13/2022 Framing, Day One

Pouring of the Foundation

12/21/2021 Foundation Backfilling

12/20/2021: Beam installation and More Foundation Waterproofing

12/16/2021 Foundation Pouring, Day Four (Waterproofing)

12/15/2021: Foundation Pouring, Day Three (Removal of Foundation Forms)

12/14/2021: Foundation Pouring, Day Two

12/13/2021: Foundation Pouring, Day One


Foundation Preparation

12/10/2021: Even More Foundation Prep

12/09/2021: Still More Foundation Prep
12/08/2021: More Foundation Prep

12/07/2021: Foundation Work

12/03/2021 Continued Prep for installing the foundation

12/01/2021 Foundation Preparation
11/30/2021 Installation of Footers
11/19/2021 Helical Piers Installation, Day 3

11/18/2021 Helical Piers Installation, Day 2

11/17/2021 Helical Piers Installation

Site Excavation and grading
No videos archived

Building Demolition
09/30/2021 Vent Haven Museum Demolition, Day 3

09/29/2021 Vent Haven Museum Demolition, Day 2
09/28/2021 Vent Haven Museum Demolition, Day 1 


Tree Removal
09/27/2021 Vent Haven Tree Removal, Part 2

09/27/2021 Vent Haven Tree Removal, Part 1