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Vent Haven Museum is always changing. Each year figures, photographs, and other vent collectibles are rotated on and off exhibit. In addition to these regular rotations, visitors to Vent Haven Museum during the 2024 season will get to experience three temporary, special exhibits. 

Punch and Judy

Punch and Judy is a traditional puppet show that has its origins in Italy during the Renaissance and which gained its greatest popularity in England, especially in seaside puppet theaters. During the show, Mr. Punch, a comic character usually with a long nose and dressed like a court jester, has a series of conflicts with multiple people. He typically responds to the conflict violently by comically slapping his foes with a stick (hence the term "slapstick"). 

While Punch and Judy is NOT ventriloquism, some vents also performed Punch and Judy acts, and many vent figure makers made Punch and Judy sets. Vent Haven Museum has a large collection of these sets, as well as books, photos, and playbills featuring Punch and Judy. For the 2024 season, the museum will display some of these items in our special exhibits gallery. 

New for 2024 Figures

Each year, Vent Haven Museum's collection grows as figures from all over the world are donated to the museum. Every dummy donated to the museum in a twelve month period is displayed in a special exhibit for that season. This year's "New for 2024" exhibit is by far the largest ever, with more than 60 dummies joining the Vent Haven collection. They'll be displayed together for this season in the "Bleacher Room" (Gallery 3). 

A Tribute to a Longtime Ventriloquist

Finally, the museum is also proud to present a tribute to a long time member of the ventriloquism community, focusing on his ventriloquism and his significant contribution to the art form. This special exhibit can be seen in the Venezio Family Gallery. 


Don't miss your chance to see these special exhibits. Get your tickets today. 

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