Thanks to the Crowes!

Pihsiou adopted one of the sweetest little dummies in the collection: Linda. Linda was made by Art Sieving and she arrived at Vent Haven on August 6, 1947. This sweet little dummy is Jay Johnson's favorite figure. Watch him talk about Linda and Art Sieving here. Hal chose figure #489, Minton boy. This dummy was owned by ventriloquist Skeets Minton (real name Ralph Minton). Skeets corresponded frequently with Mr. Berger beginning in 1950. Minton boy has a winker and moving eyes. A fun fact about Skeets Minton: he was an accomplished trombone player!

Buck and the Toby Jug

Thanks to Buck Macleod for adopting dummy #333, the Toby Jug. Vent Haven founder W.S. Berger bought this piece in the spring of 1956 for $65, but he had previously bought them from L. Davenport & Co. of London, England, for resale in the U.S. for $31.00. This Toby Jug has moving lower lip, moving upper lip, and moving eyes. For several years, the eye mechanism was broken and last week I took the piece with me to Portland, Maine, to be fixed by figure maker Austin Phillips. He did a great job and I'm happy to report that the Toby Jug has his moving eyes back in working order...thanks, Austin! According to the common definitions, this piece should really be called a Character Jug and not a

Ralf & Tommy the Trashcan

Thanks to Ralf Thaller for adopting Tommy the Trashcan at the 2017 Vent Haven ConVENTion! This cute little soft figure (with removable lid!) was made in 1989 by the amazing Mary Ann Taylor. It was used by ventriloquist (and Vent Haven Convention Executive Director) Mark Wade, who donated it at the 2015 convention. Mark purchased this custom made puppet to be used in a recycling show he did in 1989-90. The school show was performed in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Tourists can see Tommy the Trashcan on display in the Josephine Berger Memorial Building.

Doug and Elmer

Thanks to Doug Morrison for adopting Elmer Sneezewood. The Elmer on display at Vent Haven is a backup of the dummy used by actor Max Terhune (1891-1973) in many B-westerns in the 1930's & 1940's. The Elmer that Terhune actually used in the movies is housed in the Autry Museum of the American West. Max Terhune was a good friend with Vent Haven's founder, W.S. Berger, and they corresponded frequently beginning in 1937. Just last year, Max Terhune's grandson, Tracy Terhune, took the time to write the extensive history of the two Elmers. Here, in part, is the story from Tracy: So the story of your Elmer (Elmer's double)... My grandfather originally had a figure named Skully who looked like th

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