It's Giving Tuesday!

Today marks our last fundraiser of the season! So far today, we've raised more than $2500 for our new building. I'm so grateful for all the individual people who donate $10, $20, or $50 to this amazing cause. Something about this building getting built a little at a time is so appealing to me; it just aligns so well with how the collection was formed in the first place. Our founder wrote letters to get dummies and photos and ephemera. One letter at a time, one person at a time. He searched dozens of countries via regular mail in his quest. The internet has changed how people interact; it has changed the 'search' for things. Imagine a man writing letters on a manual typewriter for eigh

Nickels and dimes

We’ve all used the expression “nickel and dime” in various settings…being charged for extras, repetitive transactions, unimportant amounts of money. When someone says, “They nickel and dime people to death," it’s not a good thing. After managing a capital funds campaign for almost two years, though, I’ve come to realize something very important: it’s always about nickels and dimes. Especially here at Vent Haven. Our founder, W.S. Berger, was promoted from factory floor sweeper to accountant assistant at Cambridge Tile because of a dime. He found ten missing cents in an accounting ledger and the department knew he was the type of man who would succeed in business. He eventually retired as

Thank you, Max!

For the past month or so, I've been contacting people about renewing adoptions for dummies. Thanks to so many of you who have said yes to another year of supporting Vent Haven through this program! Adopt a Dummy has raised more than $20,000 toward our building fund! How awesome is that!?! If you're just hearing of the program, you can see three dummies that need to be adopted here: . Today I'd specifically like to thank Max Tolar (and his very cool orange friend!) for renewing his adoption of Milton Fried's Pinocchio. This dummy was donated thirty years ago at the 1988 Vent Haven convention by Milton. Pinocchio's head is papier mache and the bod

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