A Vent Haven First!

Today is a banner day here at Vent Haven as we welcome and thank our very first Corporate Sponsor! Thank you so much to Glier's Goetta for being the first business to join us in our ongoing efforts to make Vent Haven the best it can be! Dan Glier, President of Glier's Meats, has been a friend of Vent Haven for many years. He learned about the museum when he and his family attended one of our first Double Talk public shows. Later he visited the museum and then Dan went on to sponsor our printing costs for subsequent shows. Over the years, Dan has become increasingly involved with the museum and has most recently served on one of our corporate committees during our capital funds campaign.

Variety is the spice of life!

Today I'd like to share with you some really cool photos of other types of variety acts. Many ventriloquists have incorporated magic, juggling, plate spinning, dancing, and several other types of performances into their acts. It makes sense that having a multi-faceted act would likely result in more bookings. While none of these acts did ventriloquism (that I know of), I thought you might enjoy these fun photos!

A Mystery (among many!) at the Haven

Thanks today to Dave Dixon for adopting (and 'readopting') this little dummy named, "Marshall boy". This figure has an unclear history and acquisition story. It was definitely made by iconic figuremaker Frank Marshall of Chicago, Illinois, but it's been repainted by someone else. The wig was placed at some point after the dummy joined the collection. Typically, Mr. Berger had substantial correspondence with donors and sellers prior to acquiring a dummy. For this piece, though, there is no correspondence at all. Just these two identification cards that Mr. Berger wrote. If you read the cards, you'll see that he wrote, "from Marshall...maker of flowers; he bought it from an estate". This

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