Laverne & The Windsor boy

Many thanks today to Laverne Seibert who adopted one of the best dressed in the Vent Haven collection: Windsor boy. Mr. Berger bought this dappy fellow from Dick Kline of Indiana, Pennsylvania, in December of 1946 for $30.00. According to Mr. Kline, this figure was made by George McAthy. Mr. Berger saw an advertisement for the dummy in a classified ad.

Thanks to Margaret!

Margaret Clauder didn't just Adopt a Dummy as part of Vent Haven's Capital Funds Campaign...she adopted three! Our sincere thanks for your support, Margaret! Mickey Finn is a turn of the 20th Century Theo Mack & Son figure used by ventriloquist Frank A. Ferrell, who performed under the stage name King Cole. Mickey joined the Vent Haven collection in 1949, when Vent Haven founder W.S. Berger acquired the figure from ventriloquist Dick Bruno. Mickey, by the way, was publicly demonstrated by Jeff Dunham at the 2001 Vent Haven ConVENTion during a lecture about figure makers given by VHM Directors Annie Roberts and Lisa Sweasy. The second dummy adopted by Margaret is Oscar Twerp. Oscar is a Fran

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