Thanks, Wally C.!

Thanks to Wally Cady for adopting Will E. Crow. This adorable soft puppet was made by MAT puppets (Mary Ann & Melissa Taylor) in 2007. He was a custom order from Roy White, who used the puppet for about eight years. Roy had the figure made to look like ventriloquist legend Bill DeMar. Bill was very flattered that Roy would have a figure made that looked like him. In fact, Bill gave a pair of his glasses to Roy so that Will E. Crow would be a greater likeness. Bill also gave Roy his convention badge and the puppet is displayed with it. In addition to Wally's and Will E. Crow's photos, here are two photos of Bill DeMar. I think Mary Ann & Melissa did a phenomenal job making this great puppet l

Welcome to the blog!

Thanks for visiting our new page! This blog will be updated frequently with stories about the collection, special museum events, and ventriloquism in the news. I’ll also be sharing images and documents from our massive archives, as well as behind the scenes information and pictures. Perhaps even a video now and again! As always, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at More soon. At the Haven...

Thanks, Austin P.!

Hey Austin P., thanks for adopting the beautiful Jonathan Jones made by Len Insull. Finn Borjeson got the dummy new in 1952, but didn't use him much. His main dummy was a different Insull figure named Dickey Doll. In 1954, Borjeson quit performing and sold Jonathan Jones to Mr. Berger for $110. In addition to having moving eyes and eyebrows, the dummy can walk and smoke. A month after the dummy arrived at Vent Haven, Mr. Berger took him to the IBM/IBV convention in Louisville, Kentucky (see photo).

Thanks, Gary K.!

Here's my friend and longtime Vent Haven advocate, Gary K., posing with his adopted dummy which belonged to ventriloquist Peter Fauer (1939-1987). The dummy was made by Jack Coats and donated by Fauer's brother in 1987 on behalf of Fauer's children. In an accompanying bio, Fauer's brother wrote, "Pete loved children and would go out of his way to amuse and entertain them. He also loved old cars - Volkswagen Beetles - performing as Snappy the Clown and doing his vent and magic acts."Last year, Vent Haven Museum Advisor Dale Brown selected this great dummy as his favorite figure. You can see his video here: .

Thanks, Ildefonso!

Thanks to Ildefonso R. for adopting Lester. This Lester was Willie Tyler's first professional figure. Included with the photos of Ildefonso and Lester are a few newspaper of Tyler with this Lester from 1969, one of Tyler with Paul Winchell, Shari Lewis, and Ronn Lucas in 1985, and one of Willie at Vent Haven in 1986, when he was given the W.S. Berger Vent of the Year award. Willie Tyler has been on the Vent Haven Museum Board of Advisors since 2014.

Double thanks to Daniel Jay R. !

Many thanks to Daniel Jay R. for adopting not one, but two dummies! First is Francisco, used by the incredibly amazing Sammy King. Sammy donated this puppet after performing with it at our 2009 convention. Sammy made 34 Francisco puppets and this is the last one. The second that Daniel Jay adopted is Danny O'Day. This backup Danny was donated by Jimmy Nelson, the Dean of American Ventriloquists. This Danny has both a smoking device and crying eyes, but the original Dannydoes not. In his donation letter, Nelson stated he hoped Danny would be happy with his new friends. As a bonus, I've included a great photo taken at convention a few years back that includes both King and Nelson. Left to righ

Thanks, Larry C.!

A big thanks to Larry C. for adopting Jeff Dunham's Peanut puppet. Donated by Jeff in 1993, this tourist favorite was accompanied with a note that read in part, "Take care of my buddy. I've used this one a bunch this past year."

Thanks, Teri G.

Thanks, Teri G., for adopting the W.S. Berger painting! This painting by William Kirk Brown has moving eyes and a moving mouth. Brown presented the painting to Mr. Berger at the 1956 International Brotherhood of Magicians convention. It is on display in the W.S. Berger Memorial Building. Come see this unique piece!

Thanks, Ron S.

Ron S. adopted Elvira, a dummy used by Bob Ladd. Elvira was made by Joel Leder and was donated by Bob's cousin in 2014 along with Ladd's collection of other dummies and ephemera. Vent Haven had a special exhibit for Bob in 2015. Bob was very well known in the vent community and he published a ventriloquism magazine entitled, "Dialogue" for 18 years. Thanks, Ron, for supporting the museum through your adoption of Elvira.

Thanks, Aaron V.!

This replica of Paul Winchell's Jerry Mahoney was made and donated by Vent Haven Museum Advisor Jerry Layne. Layne and Winchell were friends for decades. Winchell gave Jerry Layne exclusive license to produce the replicas of Jerry Mahoney and of Winchell's other main character, Knucklehead Smiff. Our Jerry Mahoney replica was adopted by Aaron V. Thanks, Aaron!

Thanks, Duane E.

Thank you to Duane E. for adopting the iconic Jacko. Everything about Jacko is amazing, from his construction and acquisition story to his adventures with Mr. Berger and beyond. Why, I bet if you've ever been to Vent Haven, you have your own pictures of this mechanical marvel. Jacko is one of the ten dummies featured in the book, Vent Haven Museum, Its Past, Present, and Future.

Thanks, Daniel W.!

Today's shout out goes to Daniel W., who adopted Strum. Created by the incredibly creative Jim Barber, this Strum was made in 1983 and donated in 2013. Of the character, Jim says, "This was built around the same guitar I learned to play with as a young boy. The mouth was operated by a cord that went around my right foot as I sat on a stool and played the guitar. The rod on the neck of the guitarturned the eyes side to side. I performed with the original character (this version) for a couple years around Minneapolis Minnesota as well as on my local kids TV show, "Breakfast with Casey Jones" on Channel 29 in the Twin Cities in the mid-80's (may have some video somewhere). Due to the removal of

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