Looking back...and looking forward

Vent Haven just keeps getting better and better and better. This week, we made a great leap forward in our promotional materials with a newly designed full color brochure! Vent Haven advisor Tom Ladshaw created and designed a beautiful new piece that we are so proud to display and use to promote the best little museum in the world. Take a look at the slideshow below to see where we've been and how far we've come. Each of the previous brochures marks a milestone in our history and I love looking back at them. My most sincere thanks and gratitude to Tom Ladshaw...your tireless efforts to help Vent Haven grow, your vast knowledge of ventriloquism history and your willingness to share it, yo

Tristan & Monty

Jeff Dunham's first professional dummy, Monty Ballew, was adopted by Tristan H. This great figure was made by Finis Robinson in 1974. Jeff used Monty until 1978. In his book, All By My Selves, Jeff says, "...I named him Monty Ballew in honor of two people; Monty Moncrief, who was the program director at Sky Ranch, and Peggy Ballew, who was also a counselor at Sky Ranch for a few summers and was incredibly hot. She was in high school, and I was almost in seventh grade when I met her. She was my first major crush." (p. 29) Jeff donated Monty to Vent Haven in 1986. Thanks, Tristan, for adopting Monty!

A great puppet!

Thanks to Scott C. for adopting Grits at this year's convention. Grits was made by Verna Finly in 1989 and used by Mark Wade. A copy of Grits was also donated to the Baltimore Community Museum in Baltimore, Ohio. Mark donated this puppet to Vent Haven in 2004 after Mary Ann Taylor made a new version for him. This puppet is one among 11 that Mark has donated to Vent Haven. Below left is Mark with Grits. Below right is Verna working on the puppet.

Thanks, Jim G!

Today's thanks goes to Jim G., who adopted our Lambchop toy. Although Shari Lewis' correspondence with our founder W.S. Berger is extensive, the museum does not currently have an authentic Lambchop puppet; this one was purchased at a local Cracker Barrel restaurant and donated in 2006. Since Shari's passing in 1998, her daughter Mallory has been the official voice of Lambchop. Included in today's photos with Jim are a photo of Shari and Lambchop with former Vent Haven Museum curator Dorothy Millure in 1992 and a photo of Mallory Lewis, Lambchop, and me taken just a few years ago. Also, I've included one of dozens of letters from Shari to Mr. Berger, as well as Shari's application to the

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