Thanks to Landon & Steve

Thanks so much to Steve and Landon Harvey for adopting the Charlie McCarthy replica and Barnaby at last year's convention. A visit to Vent Haven wouldn't be the same without seeing Charlie McCarthy. While the 'real' Charlie is at the Smithsonian, this replica is still a tourist favorite. Vent Haven's Charlie replica was made by Gizmo Labs from a resin cast. It has no mouth movement or mechanics of any kind. Charlie has been at Vent Haven since 1980. The incredibly talented artist & figure maker Bill Nelson made Barnaby. Mr. Nelson donated this unused figure in 1989. Barnaby's pristine face is incredible when viewed up close. Famed photographer Matthew Rolston liked Barnaby's face so m

A Friend from the Fifties

Jimmy Davis adopted Skinny Hamilton at the 2017 convention. Of all the dummies in his entire collection, Skinny was our founder's favorite. W.S. Berger bought Skinny from figure maker Frank Marshall on April 21, 1932, for $50.00. Skinny has a fright wig and cries. When Mr. Berger performed at local Masons' meetings or for civic groups, it was Skinny on his knee. Mr. Berger loved Skinny. In his will (and in several other documents), Mr. Berger said, "Do not dispose of this figure as Skinny is a part of me." In 1945, prior to incorporating Vent Haven, Mr. Berger's original plan with Skinny was to will him to the Masonic Widows and Orphans Home in Louisville, Kentucky, "...with a fund for

Thanks to the Culbertsons

Cathy Culbertson and her daughter Elizabeth adopted three dummies at convention: Cone-An, Lester the Owl, and Suzi Swine. Cathy and Elizabeth went the extra mile for a friend, though. Instead of putting their names on all the adoption cards, they asked that one be listed as adopted by Kyle Scribner. Kyle attends the convention most years, but was unable to be here last summer. Is that so thoughtful? Thanks, Cathy & Elizabeth, for your generosity and kindness! Cone-An was made in 1990 by Chris Donahoe. He used it for years at our convention to help people here at the museum know when the buses were arriving and departing. Chris donated this Cone-an in 2016 as it was showing signs of we

Incredible generosity

One of the reasons I love Vent Haven so much is that it is such a remarkable archive of stories. Performance stories, personal stories, stories of creativity and of creation. Every dummy, every artifact tells a story of a person, whether it be a ventriloquist, a dummy maker, a script writer, etc. The entire museum is the story of our founder. It's always been about people, not things. Today, I'm focusing on two people: Bruce Becker & Leigh Anne Huckaby. At the 2017 Convention, we kicked off our Capital Funds Campaign with the Adopt A Dummy program. Jeff Dunham took the stage and encouraged everyone to get on board to help Vent Haven reach a very, very lofty goal: to raise $1.3 million

Miller time!

Kerry and Terri Miller adopted two great characters at the 2017 convention: Jose Jalapeno and Dolly. Thank you both very much for your support! The Jose Jalapeno isn't a performance piece; its mouth doesn't move or open. Made in 2006, this is one of four plaster replicas made for the movie Delta Farce, which was released in 2007. This Jose was used as a prop which would be destroyed via an explosive charge behind the nose and was created by the special effects department for the film. Jeff Dunham played a character named "Amazing Ken", and the puppet's name was "Rufus." Danny Trejo played a character named "Carlos Santana" who shoots Rufus, but says, "I was aiming for the Amazing Ken."

Thanks to Virginia & Wally

Thanks to Virginia and Wally Petersen for adopting two dummies at last year's convention. Virginia adopted the Effie Klinker reproduction and Wally adopted Arthur. The Effie Klinker reproduction is modeled after Edgar Bergen's famous spinster character. This version was made by Tim Selberg and joined the Vent Haven family in 1991. Arthur was made in 1976 by Don Bryan. Mark Wade performed professionally with Arthur and then donated him to Vent Haven in 1985.

Hey Arnolds!

Today's shout out goes to Bill and Lisa Arnold. Bill adopted Linky and Lisa adopted Granny. In addition to supporting the museum through adopting these dummies, Lisa has helped the museum at our dealer's table at the convention and museum for several years. Who doesn't love her smiling face? The Granny figure was made by Axtell Expressions and was bequeathed to Nina Conti by her mentor, Ken Campbell. Nina describes him as, "Impresario of British Theatre and expert on history of ventriloquism." Ken called this figure "Gertrude Stein." He performed with her at London's National Theatre in his show, "The History of Comedy Part One: Ventriloquism." Nina used the figure in her act under the na

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Joe Flip basically kicked poor Charlie McSmarty to the curb in yesterday's Facebook poll. Joe received 63% of the votes...thanks to everyone who participated! Many thanks to my friend Lee Cornell for adopting Joe at our convention! Joe Flip was made by Frank Marshall around 1940. He was purchased in December 1941 by Dick Bruno (aka Monsieur Brunard) from Max Holden's magic shop in New York. Bruno originally named the the dummy "Brewster", but later changed the name to Joe Flip after a saxophone player named Flip Phillips. Bruno's act with Joe was remarkable. Performing in character as Frenchman Monsieur Brunard, Bruno would use a strong French accent to speak to Joe. Joe was slow to r

An unused Marshall figure!

Many thanks to my friend Dan Christopher for adopting Eddie Garson's backup Chico Chico dummy. Here's Dan's selfie at Vent Haven after he adopted this amazing dummy at the 2017 Vent Haven convention. Dan said of Garson and Chico Chico, "Eddie Garson worked in the Ice show that was a fixture in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach for many years. It was a Vegas style production - on ice! (that was the novelty of Ice show in tropical climate...) I replaced Eddie in that same show and worked the Specialty Act spot for the last 5 years of its run. Eddie came in and was very complementary of my act and we would talk for hours swapping show-biz stories (he had lots..he used to tour with Xavier

Tom Crowl's three adoptees...

Many thanks to my friend Tom Crowl for generously adopting three great dummies at convention. Tom adopted Hunter girl, Lillie, and Jerry O'Leary. Thank you, Tom! Hunter girl arrived at Vent Haven on February 11, 1944. According to seller Flora Koones, this doll was, "...made and used by a Civil War soldier to entertain his buddies and after the war used by him to give entertainments and help support himself." The soldier's name was Henry Hunter. Although Koones said Hunter made the doll, it is more likely that he modified it, as the doll strongly resembles a Greiner doll. Isn't Lillie a beautiful girl? This dummy on a scooter was used by Valentine Vox and Emily Walters. Lillie isn't com

In Remembrance...

Vent Haven Museum lost one of its longtime associates on December 29th. Bob Isaacson (1934-2017) was a member of the Vent Haven Museum Board of Advisors since 1974. In the ventriloquism community, he was known as a ventriloquist, a figuremaker, a mentor, and a friend. He emceed the Junior Open Mic sessions at the convention for years and was quick to give an encouraging word to newcomers of the art. Bob facilitated two significant donations to the museum. One was from the estate of ventriloquist Terry Bennett, which included Bennett's dummy, "Red Flannels," and the other was of many of the tools that famed figuremaker Frank Marshall used in his workshop. The 2018 special exhibit in the

Ann's adopted dummies...

My first thanks of 2018 goes to Ann Seeton for adopting two dummies at the 2017 convention: Charlie McSmarty and Smitty. Thanks, Ann! Charlie McSmarty is a fantastic Frank Marshall creation. Mr. Berger bought this beautiful figure for $25 (yup, $25) from William Dillon of Brooklyn, New York, on August 14, 1935. Charlie has a winker and moving eyes. Mr. Berger changed the wig after he purchased the dummy. Smitty was made and donated by Steve Kilgore of Madison, Tennessee, in 2014. Steve also performed with Smitty, but just once, as it was his primary intention to donate it to Vent Haven. The dummy was painted by Matthew Kimbro. It has moving eyes and sweet little bare feet. Have *you* a

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