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It's Giving Tuesday!

Today marks our last fundraiser of the season! So far today, we've raised more than $2500 for our new building. I'm so grateful for all the individual people who donate $10, $20, or $50 to this amazing cause. Something about this building getting built a little at a time is so appealing to me; it just aligns so well with how the collection was formed in the first place.

Our founder wrote letters to get dummies and photos and ephemera. One letter at a time, one person at a time. He searched dozens of countries via regular mail in his quest. The internet has changed how people interact; it has changed the 'search' for things. Imagine a man writing letters on a manual typewriter for eight hours a day. For decades. That is how Vent Haven came to exist! It's mind-boggling to consider!

I hope that you will donate to Vent Haven today. You can donate through our Facebook page or our website:

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