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Construction Update

The prior couple of weeks at the museum construction site have been relatively quiet. That's not to suggest that NOTHING happened during that period. Some trees and brush along the two of the property lines were cleared, and behind the scenes a few minor changes were made to the building plans and permits were applied for and received.

This week, though, is a different story. If you check the live feed of the Vent Haven construction site, you'll see that quite a bit of work is happening this week, as the giant hole for the basement is being dug. Dozens of empty dump trucks arrived Monday, and dozens more today (Okay, it's probably the same four or five dump trucks arriving again and again, but you know what I mean!). Moments after the dump trucks arrive, they are filled with dirt and off to wherever it is they're taking the dirt.

Progress at last, and you can follow it all live!


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