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Double thanks to Daniel Jay R. !

Many thanks to Daniel Jay R. for adopting not one, but two dummies!

First is Francisco, used by the incredibly amazing Sammy King. Sammy donated this puppet after performing with it at our 2009 convention. Sammy made 34 Francisco puppets and this is the last one.

The second that Daniel Jay adopted is Danny O'Day. This backup Danny was donated by Jimmy Nelson, the Dean of American Ventriloquists. This Danny has both a smoking device and crying eyes, but the original Dannydoes not. In his donation letter, Nelson stated he hoped Danny would be happy with his new friends.

As a bonus, I've included a great photo taken at convention a few years back that includes both King and Nelson. Left to right are Jim Teter, Sammy King, Bob Isaacson, Jimmy Nelson, and Jerry Layne.

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