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Thanks, Wally C.!

Thanks to Wally Cady for adopting Will E. Crow. This adorable soft puppet was made by MAT puppets (Mary Ann & Melissa Taylor) in 2007. He was a custom order from Roy White, who used the puppet for about eight years. Roy had the figure made to look like ventriloquist legend Bill DeMar. Bill was very flattered that Roy would have a figure made that looked like him. In fact, Bill gave a pair of his glasses to Roy so that Will E. Crow would be a greater likeness. Bill also gave Roy his convention badge and the puppet is displayed with it. In addition to Wally's and Will E. Crow's photos, here are two photos of Bill DeMar. I think Mary Ann & Melissa did a phenomenal job making this great puppet look like Bill. Thanks again, Wally! (photo credit of Bill on the bench goes to Danny Jones...thanks, Danny!)

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