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Looking back...and looking forward

Vent Haven just keeps getting better and better and better. This week, we made a great leap forward in our promotional materials with a newly designed full color brochure! Vent Haven advisor Tom Ladshaw created and designed a beautiful new piece that we are so proud to display and use to promote the best little museum in the world. Take a look at the slideshow below to see where we've been and how far we've come. Each of the previous brochures marks a milestone in our history and I love looking back at them.

My most sincere thanks and gratitude to Tom Ladshaw...your tireless efforts to help Vent Haven grow, your vast knowledge of ventriloquism history and your willingness to share it, your encouragement and support, your incredible sense of humor, and your invaluable friendship have made my time at the museum infinitely more productive and fun than I could ever have been without you. Onward!

Why didn't I include the entire brochure in the last image?! Well, so you'll have something to see when you get here, of course!!!

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