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So a famous ventriloquist walks into a Mercedes dealership...

Thursday night was awesome! As part of our Capital Funds Campaign, we held an event at Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell at the top of our street, West Maple Avenue. The purpose was twofold; to thank Vent Haven's amazing volunteers and to connect with new people in Northern Kentucky who may not know about the coolest little museum in the world (not that I'm biased or anything). The event included a meet & greet with famed ventriloquist Jay Johnson, several unique photo opportunities, a great performance by Jay and his partner Bob, and a presentation by the Vent Haven Museum Board of Directors: President Brook Brooking, Director Annie Roberts, and Director/Curator Lisa Sweasy. In addition, we had our construction plans on display for our guests to see and a personal gift for each attendee! I have so many people to thank, of course, so let's jump in...

From l to r: Kit Wylly, Bob Wylly, Jeff Golc, Tom Ladshaw, Annie Roberts, Jay Johnson, Lisa Sweasy, Mark Hellerstein, Brook Brooking, Lee Cornell

First, thank you to Mercedes Benz of Fort Mitchell and in particular, Dan Bell and Don Paparella. MBFM generously allowed us to use their beautiful facility to host our event. We appreciate their hospitality so much! If you haven't visited them, you really should. Only Mercedes can make a car dealership feel like a resort!

Next, thank you to everyone who came out to learn about Vent Haven and our goals. We hope you enjoyed your time with us at the dealership as well as at Vent Haven.

Thank you to all my volunteers from 2017! Your support of the museum and your willingness to donate your time and talent are what make Vent Haven able to grow and reach more and more people. I hope you know how much you are appreciated!

Finally, thank you, thank you, thank you, to Jay Johnson, who entertained everyone. Jay's relationship with Vent Haven and our convention goes back decades. He is supportive, encouraging, kind, generous, and, of course, amazingly talented. Jay loves Vent Haven and has been committed to our success. We're so fortunate to have him on our Board of Advisors.

P.S. A special thanks to Tom Ladshaw who was our always, we can't do what we do with out you! Also, photo credit for the great images here goes to the talented and funny Jeff Golc. Thank you, Jeff!!

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