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No such thing as "off."

Like all other autumns here at the Haven, I'm rolling along with improvements and changes. This weekend was the tear down of the 2017 special exhibit (Jim Teter's Presidents). I hope you got to see it in person, but here's a few photos if you missed it...

Like all special exhibits, the season ends and it's time for the special exhibit pieces to join the regular museum population. The thing is, though, here at Vent Haven, you can't just move one thing...each change causes other changes and the next thing you know, you have a full blown project on your hands!

To move the Presidents, I first had to find a space, which meant creating a space in a crowded building. I decided to move the merchandise cabinet, which meant removing some photos, which meant patching and painting, and on and on! As always, my husband Bryan was to the rescue as patcher and painter extraordinaire! He poses grumpy, I know, I know, but he's quick to help the museum look its best.

Here's the messy process photos..

Finally it was time to put it all back together...

Onward! Next up, processing all the new figure donations! Whoo hoo!


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