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What a treat!

Today was an amazing day here at the Haven! I was honored to host John Davidson, his wife Rhonda, and Noah Plomgren, John's cast mate in Finding Neverland. I tried, unsuccessfully, to hide my excitement at getting to meet Mr. Davidson...

John Davidson learned about Vent Haven from retired ventriloquist Jim Teter, who worked with John on several occasions. Jim and John have also been great friends for decades. As many of you know, Jim generously donated his cast of presidential dummies to the museum last year, where they have quickly become tourist favorites.

John is touring as Charles Frohman & Captain James Hook in the production of Finding Neverland which is now playing at the Aronoff Theater in Cincinnati. John called me a few days ago to see if he could come see Teter's dummies while he was in town. Of course, I was delighted!

What a wonderful visit! John surprised me time and again with his impressive knowledge of the history of ventriloquism. I was thrilled at the chance to share this fabulous collection with all three of them. Rhonda recorded some of John's response to the museum and will post them on his Facebook page. Here's one I recorded...

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