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Big thanks from the little guys...

Today's thanks go to Margaret Davis, Lori Bruner, and Atsuko Yashuhara. These three wonderful women adopted some of the cutest little dummies in the collection. They all chose the adorable "Tommy Knots" character made by Frank Marshall.

Margaret chose the Tommy Knots that Jim Teter donated in 2016 along with his presidential set of dummies. This dummy is wearing a white sailor suit rather than the standard dark suit. Lori adopted the Tommy Knots that belonged to Frank Gaby and Atsuko adopted the one that belonged to Hank Siemon. Siemon modified the doll to be a female and changed her name to Cheri.

Frank Marshall had at least two advertisements for this terrific little dummy; it first sold for $10 and then later for $25.

Vent Haven is very fortunate to have these great Tommy Knots characters. So check this out...there's one more in the collection...and it *hasn't* been adopted yet! Here is the Tommy Knots that belonged to Fay Brethen. He's available for adoption, but not currently listed on our website. If you want to adopt him, email me and let me know. You can reach me at The next dummy adopted will be the 240th dummy to have been adopted...which means the adoptees will have donated $12,000 toward the capital funds campaign! Isn't that amazing?! Thanks to everyone for your support...I can't wait to see who the donor is that picks this sweet little guy.

At the Haven,


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