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Not from Muskogee...

Many thanks to tourist Aria Oliver for adopting "Oaky" this summer. She was one of the first non-ventriloquists to participate in Vent Haven's Adopt A Dummy program.

Oaky was made by Howie Olson and was called "Arthur Dooley" in the Abbott's Magic catalog. This sweet dummy was used and donated by Greg Davidson of Roswell, Georgia. Greg donated the dummy with several letters and a detailed story of how he got Oaky. Greg began doing magic professionally at age 12 in 1978. Greg's mother had given Oaky to him as a gift. Because their family lived in Canada, they had the dummy shipped to a relative's house in Detroit and they went to pick him up there. In the donation paperwork, Greg also noted that Oaky, "...still fits into the same jeans he wore in high school." Oaky was a featured member of the Vent Haven "Class of 2017".

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