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All in the (Wells) Family...

Today's thanks goes out to Terry Wells and his two sons, Will and Austin. They adopted three dummies at the 2017 Vent Haven ConVENTion, Orville Sweet, Hannibal, and Junior, respectively.

Orville Sweet was made in 1962 by Vent Haven Museum advisor Bob Isaacson. In addition to using his real name, Bob also performed under three stage names: Bobby Wayne, Bob I., and Robert Royal. Bob donated Orville to the Museum in 2005.

Made by Rick Price, Hannibal was purchased and used by Dave Boiano in 1998. Hannibal's full name is Colonel Hannibal L. Dickens. He has moving eyes and eyebrows. Dave donated Hannibal to Vent Haven in 2013.

Junior was made by Martin Stevens, who was one of the founding members of the Puppeteers of America. Junior was used by Norma Jarboe and appeared on the inaugural broadcast of WAVE TV (the first TV station in Kentucky) in Louisville, Kentucky, on November 24, 1948. He starred on JUNIOR'S CLUB, a program that aired until 1950. Junior was donated to Vent Haven in 1987.

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