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Ann's adopted dummies...

My first thanks of 2018 goes to Ann Seeton for adopting two dummies at the 2017 convention: Charlie McSmarty and Smitty. Thanks, Ann!

Charlie McSmarty is a fantastic Frank Marshall creation. Mr. Berger bought this beautiful figure for $25 (yup, $25) from William Dillon of Brooklyn, New York, on August 14, 1935. Charlie has a winker and moving eyes. Mr. Berger changed the wig after he purchased the dummy.

Smitty was made and donated by Steve Kilgore of Madison, Tennessee, in 2014. Steve also performed with Smitty, but just once, as it was his primary intention to donate it to Vent Haven. The dummy was painted by Matthew Kimbro. It has moving eyes and sweet little bare feet.

Have *you* adopted a dummy yet? You can always find three available on our website here:

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