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Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Joe Flip basically kicked poor Charlie McSmarty to the curb in yesterday's Facebook poll. Joe received 63% of the votes...thanks to everyone who participated! Many thanks to my friend Lee Cornell for adopting Joe at our convention!

Joe Flip was made by Frank Marshall around 1940. He was purchased in December 1941 by Dick Bruno (aka Monsieur Brunard) from Max Holden's magic shop in New York. Bruno originally named the the dummy "Brewster", but later changed the name to Joe Flip after a saxophone player named Flip Phillips. Bruno's act with Joe was remarkable. Performing in character as Frenchman Monsieur Brunard, Bruno would use a strong French accent to speak to Joe. Joe was slow to respond. Eventually though, Joe would speak, stunning the audience with his strong Brooklyn accent. Vents today still talk about the amazing contrast between the two voices that Bruno produced.

Dick Bruno's daughter, Connie Irvine, was the contact person during the donation process in 1987. Just a few years ago, I was delighted to have Connie here to visit Joe. We had such a wonderful visit!

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