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Miller time!

Kerry and Terri Miller adopted two great characters at the 2017 convention: Jose Jalapeno and Dolly. Thank you both very much for your support!

The Jose Jalapeno isn't a performance piece; its mouth doesn't move or open. Made in 2006, this is one of four plaster replicas made for the movie Delta Farce, which was released in 2007. This Jose was used as a prop which would be destroyed via an explosive charge behind the nose and was created by the special effects department for the film. Jeff Dunham played a character named "Amazing Ken", and the puppet's name was "Rufus." Danny Trejo played a character named "Carlos Santana" who shoots Rufus, but says, "I was aiming for the Amazing Ken." The explosive shot was successful in the first take, so Jeff donated this one of the remaining three plaster prop pieces.

Dolly always attracts attention from tourists as she doesn't look like any of the other dummies here. Dolly was made in 2009 by Jimmy Eisenberg of Ventriloquist Sideshow. She has moving eyebrows, a blinking eye, a moving upper lip, and moving eyes. Her unique feature is that she has diamond studs on her front teeth. This great dummy is one of a kind, has never been used, and was donated in 2011 by Jimmy.

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