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Thanks to the Culbertsons

Cathy Culbertson and her daughter Elizabeth adopted three dummies at convention: Cone-An, Lester the Owl, and Suzi Swine. Cathy and Elizabeth went the extra mile for a friend, though. Instead of putting their names on all the adoption cards, they asked that one be listed as adopted by Kyle Scribner. Kyle attends the convention most years, but was unable to be here last summer. Is that so thoughtful? Thanks, Cathy & Elizabeth, for your generosity and kindness!

Cone-An was made in 1990 by Chris Donahoe. He used it for years at our convention to help people here at the museum know when the buses were arriving and departing. Chris donated this Cone-an in 2016 as it was showing signs of wear and tear, and then made another to use. Chris is an invaluable part of the hospitality committee at our convention each year. (Photo credit below to Danny Jones)

Lester the Owl was made by Bev Cipperly and used by Alan Farber. Alan was a member of the Vent Haven Museum Board of Advisors for decades and knew our founder, W.S. Berger, very well. Mr. Berger called him, "Tad" (short for tadpole) when Alan was young. Alan's widow Sharon donated this great soft puppet at the 2002 convention.

Mark Wade used and donated Suzi Swine. Suzi was made by Verna Finly. Mark used Suzi as a character in a lounge act with another dummy named Arthur. Mark donated Suzi in 1984.

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