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Bobbi & Rosita

Thanks to Bobbi Rubin for adopting the beautiful Rosita at the 2017 Vent Haven convention. This great dummy was made, used, and donated by Bill Hume. She joined the Vent Haven collection in 1992.

Bill made Rosita out of balsa wood in a short three weeks in 1943. He was in the Navy stationed at Coco Solo Naval Base and wanted to participate in the USO military talent tryouts. He didn't have time to send for his one of his dummies back home, so he made Rosita there. Of her construction, Bill later wrote, "To avoid mechanical failure at some jungle gun post, Rosita has no springs, no cords." Her mouth is opened by a lever, but is closed by a lead weight. Her head is made such that it doesn't come out of her body.

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