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A Trifecta by Dana

At the 2017 ConVENTion, Dana Barnum generously adopted three dummies: Champagne Charlie, Madame, and Shorty Jones. Thanks, Dana, for your support of Vent Haven!

All the funds generated from the Adopt A Dummy program are going to our capital funds campaign to build a new museum facility!

Champagne Charlie was one of our founder's favorites. Made by Frank Marshall in 1937, this beautiful walking figure joined the Vent Haven collection on February 17, 1938 (80 years ago tomorrow!). Mr. Berger paid Frank $125.00. Champagne Charlie has many features: pneumatic mouth control, moving eyes, a blinker, a smoking device, and a stick out tongue! In addition to walking, it also does the splits!

This Madame was donated by Patrick Justian in 1992. Justian had received it in 1986 as a gift from Waylon Flowers who created the character of Madame. Tourists at Vent Haven are always so excited to see this puppet! Nearly everyone who visits recognizes this puppet, whether it's from Laugh-In, Hollywood Squares, Solid Gold, or Madame's Place.

Shorty Jones was used and donated by Augustus Rapp. Rapp donated Shorty in 1957. He was made in the shop of Theo Mack & Son in Chicago around 1908. Rapp sent a note with Shorty which read, "He was a good boy for 50 years. If he ever talked back to me, it must have been my own fault. Give him a nice, warm place near the bathroom."

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