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Thank you, Ron!

Our friend Ron Elliston adopted two great dummies at last year's convention: Gutters McGraw & Irving girl. Thanks, Ron, for your support!

Gutters McGraw was made in 1982 by ventriloquist Johnny Main, who also used this dummy. Johnny Main died in 2003 and his son, Johnny Main, Jr., donated Gutters to Vent Haven the same year. This sweet dummy was featured in a special tribute exhibit to Johnny Main at the 2004 Vent Haven ConVENTion. Johnny Main performed, lectured, was an emcee, or was a panelist at most of the conventions in the 1970's, 80's, and 90's. Johnny was voted "Vent of the Year" by his peers in 1981.

Irving girl was used by Joseph E. Irving, a magician, clown, and ventriloquist. His stage names were Irving the Magician and Be-Be the Magical Clown. Mr. Irving sold the dummy to W.S. Berger in June of 1957 for $35.00. According to Irving, famed figure maker Frank Marshall installed the moving eyes in this dummy.

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