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Scott and the Two Faced Dummy

Scott Bryte adopted the Spencer double faced dummy at convention. This interesting piece has a great backstory. Ken Spencer made this dummy, which has two mechanisms, for Vent Haven founder W.S. Berger in the spring of 1951.

Beginning in 1948, Mr. Berger was interested in Spencer's unique set of dummies, The Rubeville Five. One of the dummies has two faces. When he asked Spencer to make him a similar dummy, Spencer said he would for $35. About four months went by before W.S. replied that $55 was too expensive. Spencer didn't correct W.S. about the error.

In January of 1951, W.S. changed his mind and said he would pay the $55. Ken countered and said he'd make the dummy for $55 *and* $5 worth of books. W.S. ordered the figure and sent a deposit of $15 and twenty books valued at 25 cents each to Spencer.

On April 15, 1951, Spencer wrote to W.S., "Sent the dubble (sic) faced head out some time ago & I suppose its face is now with the rest of those characters on display. You can place a sign by it saying it was discovered in Minneapolis among Sweeds (sic) and other fur bearing animals 50,000 B.C."

This unique dummy sits on the bleachers in the main building. Thank you, Scott, for adopting this cool little guy!

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