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Thanks to Preston!

Thanks to my friend Preston Fernanez who adopted two dummies last year: Coach and Alfaro boy.

Coach was made by Barry Gordemer of Handemonium around 2000. This soft puppet's first owner was Tyler Ellis, who had it custom made as a look-alike figure. Tyler called him, "Taylor". After a couple of years, he sold it to Bruce Beyer. Bruce donated the puppet, which he renamed, "Coach", in 2002. Bruce donated it in honor of his parents, David and Evelyn Beyer. The puppet has winking and blinking mechanisms as well as moving eyebrows.

Alfaro boy was donated as a new figure from Albert Alfaro of Imaginarium Galleries, Inc., at the 2004 Vent Haven ConVENTion. It has moving eyebrows and moving eyes and is made of a cast polymer. Alfaro boy is on display in the main building at the museum.

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