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Elana & Maxi

Thank you to Elana Clayman for adopting Maxi! This little dummy was used by Julius Hemm (stage name Carno) and was sold to W.S. Berger by Hemm's widow in 1961 for $75. Maxi has many features: two winkers, moving eyebrows, blinking, a double fright wig, and a saluting right arm. The documentation is unclear about who made the figure, but it was made in Munich and was, "...modeled by a master student of the sculptor Professor Thorak." Additionally, Mrs. Hemm wrote, "My husband did not have this dummy manufactured by a firm, but by private artists and artisans specifically for him and only one is in existence." Visitors can see Maxi in the bleacher room of the main building. Thanks, Elana!

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