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Jack & Tommy

Today's thanks goes to Jack Stein for adopting Tommy Wood at the 2017 ConVENTion.

This gorgeous figure was made by Frank Marshall in 1946 and used by Gordon Kibby, who originally named the dummy Tommy Timber. This figure replaced Kibby's other professional Tommy Timber.

Gordon Kibby and W.S. Berger were friends for decades. W.S. nicknamed Gordon, "Gordo" and Gordon nicknamed Mr. Berger, "Bardo." If you email me at and tell me why the nickname "Bardo" makes sense, I'll send you a little gift in the mail. Only the first correct guess gets the gift...

Kibby sold this sweet dummy to ventriloquist Earl Gottberg, but bought it back so he could use it on Jiffy Carnival on WOOD-TV in October 1951. It was at that point that Kibby changed the dummy's name from Tommy Timber to Tommy Wood. Tommy has moving eyes that can wink and blink. A kicking mechanism was added in 1951.

Tommy Wood was donated by Gordon's daughter, Alva Hebel, on July 16, 2016. Tommy is dressed in a smart parade outfit with matching hat and shoes. Tourists can see Tommy on exhibit in the Josephine Berger Memorial Building.

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