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Charlie & Lester

Charlie Tomlinson adopted a Lester doll at the 2017 convention. Thanks to Charlie for supporting our capital funds campaign!

This doll was manufactured by Goldberger Doll Manufacturing Company around 1973 as a toy version of famed ventriloquist Willie Tyler's character "Lester."

Tourists always recognize Willie Tyler and Lester. Willie has had such a phenomenal career and he is still performing. He joined the Vent Haven Board of Advisors a few years ago. You can read more about Willie on his website,

This piece was donated by Russell Elmo Mains in 1990 and is signed by Willie Tyler to Mains. The autograph on the body reads, "To Russ, best wishes to you. Willie Tyler and Lester '86". Visitors can see this Lester toy in Willie Tyler's exhibit in the W.S. Berger Memorial Building.

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