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Fun with alliteration: Jesse & Jerry Jay!

Many thanks to Jesse Smith for adopting Jerry Jay! This dummy in his sparkling silver beaded jacket was donated to Vent Haven on May 17, 2006, by Dick Kay, father of ventriloquist Steve Kay (1954-2006).

Jerry Jay was made by Craig Lovik and has winking and blinking eyes, moving eyebrows, and moving eyes. Jerry Jay also has a second body.

This dummy didn't arrive alone; it was part of a massive donation which included two full large trunks and nine cases of additional items and ephemera. Among the items were a soft figure, two toy puppets, two novelty puppets, four complete cloth and latex puppets from the Stu Scott estate that Steve Kay had owned, lots of dummy clothes, and two custom cases.

You can see Steve Kay and Jerry Jay in action here: Steve and Jerry Jay . Visitors to Vent Haven can see Jerry Jay in the main building. As a bonus photo, check out this 1979 convention photo! From left to right are Mark Wade, Jimmy Nelson with Danny O'Day, Stu Scott, Johnny Main, and Steve Kay holding Jimmy Nelson's Farfel.

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