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Thanks to Megan Ollila!

Thanks to Megan Ollila for adopting Woodrow last summer.

Woodrow was made in 2000 by Vent Haven Museum advisor Alan Semok. This sweet little dummy was used by Adrien Brody in the 1992 movie, Dummy. Not only did Alan make the dummy for the film, he also appears in the movie.

Of Woodrow's history, Alan Semok wrote, "The dummy's name is never once mentioned in the fact, officially, he had no name. The name "Woodrow" only came about 3 years later when the film got its official premiere. I called him "Woodrow" because I figured that he needed a name for his red carpet appearance..."

Woodrow was donated to Vent Haven on December 5, 2013, by Dr. Bruce Beyer. Dr. Beyer donated the figure in honor of Alan Semok and in honor of his parents, David and Evelyn Beyer.

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