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Thanks to Margaret!

Margaret Clauder didn't just Adopt a Dummy as part of Vent Haven's Capital Funds Campaign...she adopted three! Our sincere thanks for your support, Margaret!

Mickey Finn is a turn of the 20th Century Theo Mack & Son figure used by ventriloquist Frank A. Ferrell, who performed under the stage name King Cole. Mickey joined the Vent Haven collection in 1949, when Vent Haven founder W.S. Berger acquired the figure from ventriloquist Dick Bruno.

Mickey, by the way, was publicly demonstrated by Jeff Dunham at the 2001 Vent Haven ConVENTion during a lecture about figure makers given by VHM Directors Annie Roberts and Lisa Sweasy.

The second dummy adopted by Margaret is Oscar Twerp. Oscar is a Frank Marshall figure used by ventriloquists Ken Carson (who called the figure Scrappy) and later ventriloqust C.O. Montgomery, who gave the figure its current name and who sold this figure to Vent Haven founder W.S. Berger in 1953.

Finally, Margaret adopted Mickey, one of five figures in the Vent Haven collection created by and used by South American ventriloquist Horatio M. Ortega, who performed under the stage name of Leonardo. Like all of Leonardo's figures, Mickey is made of paper mache, and his face is notable for having more natural, realistic facial features compared to the more common, exaggerated facial features on the typical dummy.

Thanks to Margaret Clauder for her generous support!

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