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Thank you, Max!

For the past month or so, I've been contacting people about renewing adoptions for dummies. Thanks to so many of you who have said yes to another year of supporting Vent Haven through this program! Adopt a Dummy has raised more than $20,000 toward our building fund! How awesome is that!?! If you're just hearing of the program, you can see three dummies that need to be adopted here: .

Today I'd specifically like to thank Max Tolar (and his very cool orange friend!) for renewing his adoption of Milton Fried's Pinocchio.

This dummy was donated thirty years ago at the 1988 Vent Haven convention by Milton. Pinocchio's head is papier mache and the body is wood. The nose on the puppet moves separately to allow for the illusion that it is growing. You can see this dummy in the main garage building. Thank you, Max, for supporting Vent Haven.

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