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The Long and Winding Road

December 1, 2019

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Nickels and dimes

November 15, 2018


We’ve all used the expression “nickel and dime” in various settings…being charged for extras, repetitive transactions, unimportant amounts of money.  When someone says, “They nickel and dime people to death," it’s not a good thing. 


After managing a capital funds campaign for almost two years, though, I’ve come to realize something very important: it’s always about nickels and dimes.  Especially here at Vent Haven.

Our founder, W.S. Berger, was promoted from factory floor sweeper to accountant assistant at Cambridge Tile because of a dime.  He found ten missing cents in an accounting ledger and the department knew he was the type of man who would succeed in business. He eventually retired as CEO of the company.


 Mr. Berger accounted for every nickel and dime he made.  He kept ledgers recording all his personal transactions…he valued every nickel and dime.  His frugality and mindfulness of his finances are a main reason that Vent Haven was born.


Since Mr. Berger’s death, the Board of Directors has carried on in his financial spirit.  Nickels and dimes still matter.  We are careful with investments, we are careful