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And a one, and a two...

Vent Haven is so much more than a collection of dummies and puppets. The archives are the heart and soul of the collection. The archives tell the stories behind these amazing creations. The archives provide the provenance and help deter the morphing of history over time.

Today I'm sharing with you some of the music file. Many ventriloquists donated the sheet music that went with their acts. Other sheet music was donated over the years. I love the amazing artwork on the covers, don't you? Here are three samples from the music file.

When I found You by Charles A. Meyers performed by Three Kings of Harmony. Copyright 1914 by Lyceum Music Company in Chicago.

Next is Saw Mill River Road. Music by Harry Tierney, Lyrics by Joseph McCarthy. Copyright 1921 by Leo Feist, New York. Ventriloquist Marshall Montgomery is on this copy.

Finally, check out Out in the Starlight, words and music by ventriloquist Harry Kennedy. Credit is listed, "Entered according to act of Congress A.D. 1875 by G.D. Russell & Co. in the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.

Aren't these cooler than cool? Thanks for reading!

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